A unique motor controller

For all people and all projects.

SOLO is designed to make the use of electrical motors easy.
Thanks to its unique features, SOLO can run several types of electrical motors and provide high quality performances across different needs.
Save time and leave motors to SOLO. 

Solo 1

Why you need the right controller

Motor controllers make driving electrical motors possible.
An efficient motor controller will not only assist you in managing the rotational speed, torque, and position.
It will also provide safety protection against electrical faults and overloads!

To pick the right controller can make the difference between a successful project or a total disaster.

Making electrical motors accessible

Motors are central in all prototypes, DIY projects and proof of concepts that require motion. However, they are not an easy challenge.

When a project starts, a lot of effort and time goes into choosing the right motor and reading tons of controllers documentation.
That’s why we created SOLO.

Great performances,
great versatility

Like a Swiss army knife for motors, SOLO is durable and suits a wide range
of requirements. Whatever the motor type… SOLO will tune with it and put you in control. Why having many controllers when you can use only one?

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Identity Card

Motors typologies supported:

8-58V – 32A – 800W

87mm*67mm for 150Gr

Solo motor controller

PWM, Analouge, USB, CAN, UART

Auto Identification, Self Tuning, sensored & sensorless Torque and Speed Control, Position Control with Encoders

Supports Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ROS, Matlab, LabView and more

Where it stands out

SOLO motor controller supports multiple motor types: DC Brushed, Brushless DC, AC Brushless, and AC Induction Motors.
It can handle a peak current of 100 Ampere with a maximum continuous current of 32 Amperes. SOLO by default provides two output PWM frequency options of 20kHz and 80kHz. SOLO also provides excessive current, over and under voltage, and reverse polarity protection.

Plus, we are particularly proud of SOLO automatic self-tuning and motor identification features.

Solo module in hand
Solo module in hand

The first batch of production is ready

So long to prototypes soldered by hand…
SOLO is now assembled in series with the support of an experienced industrial partner.
Therefore, this hardware possesses industrial quality standards in terms of manufacturing, materials and components.

Supported platforms

logos form platform SOLO support
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