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SOLO's features for DC brushed Motors  

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I just wanted to aks what kinds of features SOLO offers for DC brushed Motors? How it is comparable to the control modes it offers for BLDC motors? 



Posted : 21/04/2020 8:51 pm
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Hi James, 

Thanks for your interest in SOLO. First of all just to give you a very brief insight into the capabilities of SOLO for DC brushed motors, I would say SOLO is a Driver and Controller for DC Brushed motors with 8-58V and up to 32Amps of current. The main technical characteristics of SOLO are mentioned in this page, but to answer your question specifically For DC brushed Motors I'd say:

  • extremely easy to use inputs in a way that with a simple PWM pulse you will have control over almost all the necessary actions you might need to do, like tuning speed, torque, ...
  • external +5V/1A output to power up your external modules like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, . . . 
  • Automatic tuning of necessary parameters of the Motors
  • Open-loop speed control of DC motors ( simple mode )
  • sensor-less Closed-loop control of Torque of DC motors ( advanced mode )
  • sensor-less Closed-loop control of Speed of DC motors ( advanced mode )
  • speed control of DC motors with encoders ( in quadrature mode )
  • communication, sending commands and receiving feedback from the Motor and Driver itself using UART, CAN or even USB.
  • Nested current - speed loop to maximize the efficiency

The last point I've mentioned I hope is the answer to the second part of your question, as you know the DC motors can be controlled in a similar way to Brushless motors with nested ( cascaded ) speed-Torque loops, which makes the controller extremely reliable and robust. in the near future, we will publish more articles about this mode of control. I'll remain available for any further questions you might have. Pls don't forget to subscribe into our BETA program to get a hugely discounted SOLO and helping us to improve this product further and further😉 


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Posted : 21/04/2020 9:12 pm